Massive Potential:

The crypto space has shown that Unicorns gain a multiple of their value of their investments because they were early. We want all our investors to participate as well by guaranteeing an allocation in projects launching on ELX. This ensures that our investors can invest in projects launching in the ElixPad early, giving them and impeccable risk reward ratio, better than on any launchpad out there.

Our TOP Particularity:

  • Ability to create powerful, reliable and secure applications
  • Safety guaranteed and anti-scam features
  • Everyone can participate in every corner of the world
  • Fast transactions High staking rewards
  • Lowest fees Cross chain swaps

Fundraising Process

Only strong and reliable projects are approved and community get to choose and has its influence Token holders can take part in the pre sale Liquidity locked by smart contract.

ELX Launchepad Tiers

Tier 1: DIAMOND $10,000 (100,000 ELX) staked Poolweight: 50
Tier 2: GOLD $5,000 (50,000 ELX) staked Poolweight: 30
Tier 3: SILVER $1,000 (10,000 ELX) staked Poolweight: 20